CyberQuest™ supports Longevity and Stress Management for both doctors and patients at Stress Congress 2019.

8 NOV 2019

CyberQuest™ was one of the partners of the 2019 Stress Congress event, organized between 31 October-2 November at the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest by Ana Aslan International Foundation.

This year’s event, gathered scientists, physicians, psychologists and psychotherapists interested to promote a healthy life in terms of physical, emotional and mental health, all in a holistic way, also discussing ways in which new technologies can help both doctors and patients create new treatments and solutions together in the hospital environment, as well as at-home care facilities.

CyberQuest™, our agile, security-driven and fully scalable platform that collects data and makes intelligent correlations in real-time presented use cases for public administration, as well as a case study for a local institution. CyberQuest™ can be easily customized to fit the needs of compliance and data security within hospitals and private clinics, ensuring one single point of access and visibility across data infrastructures.

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