CyberQuest™ supports Longevity and Stress Management for both doctors and patients at Stress Congress 2019.

8 NOV 2019

CyberQuest™ was one of the partners of the 2019 Stress Congress event, organized between 31 October-2 November at the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest by Ana Aslan International Foundation.

CyberQuest™, a cyber solution for "Seamless Government” service delivery to citizens

3 OCT 2019

CyberQuest™ was one of the cyberagility solutions presented at the 53rd ICA Conference, themed “Seamless Government | anticipating citizens’ needs,” organized between 23-26 September.

Interview with Vlad Gladin, Product Manager CyberQuest™ about the future of security systems

12 SEP 2019

The business environment is welcoming a new generation of IT security solutions. In an interview with the main business publication in Romania, Ziarul Financiar, our colleague Vlad Gladin, Product Manager CyberQuest™ declares:…

Keeping Cyber Threats at Bay with CyberQuest™

20 JUN 2019

The need of the hour is a solution that not only unifies all the existing data sources but also provides governance and…

Data Security with CyberQuest – Study Case in CIO Applications Europe

30 OCT 2018

Big Data and Big Data Analytics are being used in every industry vertical. With all the advantages they offer and the promise…

New Partnership: CyberQuest and Proofpoint Emerging Threats Intelligence

02 MAR 2018

CyberQuest Is Now Enriched with Proofpoint Emerging Threats Intelligence to Provide Real-time Context and Enhanced Decision Making around Internal Communication Threats The…

GDPR Compliance: A Lot to Do and Not Too Much Time Left

07 SEP 2017

GDPR in a Nutshell The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – 2016/679 replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and was designed…

We’re Exhibiting at NIAS 2017, NATO’s Premier Cyber Security Symposium – October 17-19

30 AUG 2017

NIAS is NATO’s annual cyber symposium that reunites top industry and NATO security leaders sharing new approaches to info security and latest technologies.

Quest Day Poland: Smart Investigator Was Presented at the Annual Quest Partners and Customers Meeting

29 JUN 2017

The annual Quest partners and customers meeting reunited more than 100 people. Our distribution partner, Quest Dystrybucja showcased the most innovative software…

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