CyberQuest™, a cyber solution for "Seamless Government” service delivery to citizens

03 OCT 2019

Eveniment ICA Palatul Parlamentului April 9, 2021
CyberQuest™ was one of the cyberagility solutions presented at the 53rd ICA Conference, themed “Seamless Government | anticipating citizens’ needs,” organized between 23-26 September

This year’s event, themed “Seamless Government | anticipating citizens’ needs,” engaged official delegations, Government CIOs and experts in topics addressing citizens/business life events. The organizers looked into the proactive personalization of Government services when it comes to knowing the citizen, protecting the citizen and leaving no one behind. In respect to service delivery topics of discussions covered tech trends and relevant applications; GaaP and where the private sector fits in; while ensuring that this ecosystem is implemented with the latest cybersecurity practices. And is it only Governments who aim for this seamless service delivery?

CIOs and experts delved into the processes of a multifaceted ecosystem that would eventually enable governments to be more proactive rather than reactive.

CyberQuest™, our agile, security-driven and fully scalable platform that collects data and makes intelligent correlations in real-time presented use cases for public administration, as well as a case study for a local institution. CyberQuest™ ensures one single point of access and visibility across data infrastructures and is designed to deliver operational agility in various layers of the public administration.
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